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JØRGEN Jørgensen Pedersen Kock
Peder Jørgensen Kock
Anne Eleonore Kock



1. Ukendt

Anne Eleonore Kock

  • Født: 12 Sep. 1860, Marstal sogn, Ærø herred, Svendborg amt
  • Dåb: 23 Sep. 1860, Marstal Kirke, Ærø, Svendborg amt 1
  • Ægteskab (1): Ukendt 27 Jan. 1888 i Marstal Kirke, Ærø, Svendborg amt
  • Død: 2 Maj 1949, Canada i en alder af 88 år 2


"Her husband, Captain Henrik Petersen, had been shipwrecked in the Atlantic. He was picked up at sea by another ship, bound for North America. He left the ship after it docked and made his way across the continent and ended up at Cape Scott where he established himself on a homestead. He returned unannounced (several years later) to Denmark to bring out his family. They had long since given him up for dead and were extremely surprised at his arrival."
(mail fra Brenda Wadey: published source received from my husband's aunt (I believe it is a local Cape Scott history - don't have the title, just a copy of one of the pages)

Is all by himself in the 1911 Canadian census (San Josef, B.C.) and as a single person, date of birth May 1862, Denmark. Census says he came over in 1902 and was naturalized in 1906.
Henrik Petersen was part of a remote Danish settlement called Cape Scott on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. It was originally settled in 1896-7 by Rasmus Hansen, a Dane who was fishing out of Seattle. The settlement peaked about 1900 and after 1902, without the support of the provincial government to build roads to give access to the rest of the Island, the settlement slowly disbanded, with the settlers moving to safer and further inland settlements (one of which was San Josef). Nearly all the original settlers had left by WWI. Captain Petersen was the captain of the Cape Scott I and II, the life line from the coast to the settlements in the area, making the mail run three time each month and carrying other cargo and passengers. (Sources - "Dreams of Freedom", Gordon Fish, Sound Heritage Series No. 36; "The Cape Scott Story", Lester Peterson) "I was good friends with all of them, especially Captain Peterson. And, then he got his wife over from Copenhagen and he got some of his daughters over, and they were real lively. One of these nice Copenhagen girls got married . . . ". (John Harestad, "Dreams of Freedom").
(mail fra Brenda Wadey 5/5 2013)


  Begivenheder i hendes liv:

• Faddere. ? Chr. Martin Risings hustru, ? Jens Jensen Bayer, ungk. Christen Jørgensen Christensen, pigen Johanne Nicoline Thomsen, alle af Marstal

• Folketælling, 1870. 9 år, i forældrenes hushold, Skippergade 50, Marstal Handelsplads, Ærø herred, Svendborg amt

• Folketælling, 1880. 19 år syerske, i forældrenes hushold, Skippergade 310 matr. 351, Marstal Handelsplads, Ærø herred, Svendborg amt

• Gift: med Jørgen Henrik Petersen, 27 Jan. 1888, Marstal Kirke, Ærø, Svendborg amt. 3
(31/5 1862- ) født i Marstal, sømand

• Erhverv. ægtefællen fisker - skipper

• Folketælling, 1 Feb. 1901. 4 Søndergade 1290, Marstal handelsplads
husmor - hendes mand fisker, husejer - deres børn Carl, Johanne, Peter og Rasmine

• Folketælling, 1906. 5 Søndergade 10, Marstal Handelsplads
enke, husejer, lever af vaskeri - hendes børn Karl, Peter og Rasmine.

• Folketælling, 1911. 5 Søndergade 1, Marstal Handelsplads
enke, husejer, lever af vask og strygning - hendes børn Carl, Peter og Rasmine.

• Udrejse, 1913. 6 med sin mand og datteren Rasmine Eleonora til Canada: "on the Oscar II (departure Copenhagen, arrival New York, April 30, 1913)" - datteren Johanne følger efter i 1915


Anne gift med Jørgen Henrik Petersen 27 Jan. 1888 i Marstal Kirke, Ærø, Svendborg amt.



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2 -, mails fra Brenda Wadey maj 2013.

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6 Oplyst af, Brenda Wadey (Sources: New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957, Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935).

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